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Avoid major problems with your car

Follow these trips to prevent costly repairs in the future.


 Mechanic showing the damage to the car owner

Tips for transmissions

You can avoid costly repairs and being without your vehicle by taking care of your transmission. Make sure that you have preventative maintenance performed annually to make sure your transmission is in good condition.

Always keep an eye on your fluid levels. If levels are low, there is a possibility of a leak. Check for spots under your car to identify it there is a leak.

Cool an overheated transmission down

You may want to consider an auxiliary cooler installation for your vehicle. Most transmissions fail because of heat, and this cooler will keep it from getting too hot. Keep your cooling system well-maintained. This keeps your transmission fluid cool and can prevent damages.

Finally, if you notice a problem with your transmission, bring it to our professionals immediately. Don’t let a minor issue turn into a big problem.

If you’re having transmission problems, don’t wait – call today to potentially avoid major repairs


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